Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Recital Time

It is nearly recital time again!  
We are so excited to share what we have learned this year in Sound Beginnings, Let's Play Music, and Master Musicians.  Hope you can join us for our exciting celebration and performance.  
We have been working for weeks on compositions, this is the big moment where all those hours of ideas, revising, and practice get to be shared with all our friends and families.  
 We have learned about the lines and spaces on the staff, we are excited to use them to play tone bells and piano to accompany ourselves singing.
We are ready to sing on the big stage and play with our whole hearts.  Please come and watch and encourage us to be brave and shine!  

 Please take photos to help us remember what we have learned and the fun we have had.

Please celebrate our accomplishments and dedication to finishing strong!  

Most of all remember to have fun!  Enjoy the photo booth, station day, instrument party and remember music is a gift, that does not end today.  We are thankful you made us come when we didn't want to, encouraged us to practice when we didn't feel like us, attended class with us, paid for our lessons and books and gave us the opportunity to find a LOVE for music and the knowledge of a language that will stay with us throughout our lives.  Thank you to all the parents and grandparents in SingPlayMusic studio for sharing your kiddos with me this year!  

Recital Etiquette
1. Please clap loudly when the song is done!
2. Please designate 1 adult to use their phone to record so the rest can applaud (see number 1)
3. Consider purchasing the video recording so you can just enjoy and relax
4. Take all the photos your like, but please remember to set down your phone so you can applaud (see number 2)
5.  Please arrive early so your child will be ready to perform when it is their turn
6.  Please turn off your cell phone ringer, thank you!
7.  Please do not eat or drink in the church.
8.  Please step out with little ones if they need a quiet break during piano solos.
9.  Please enjoy yourself and feel free to join in and sing along :)
10.  Have FUN! It is going to be a great night!  

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