Save some $$$!

Referrals: Tell your friends about SB or LPM and when they register for my class, YOU get $20 off your first month's tuition. There is no limit on the number of referrals you can cash in on. GRAB MY BUTTON to spread the word via your blog, talk to neighbors and friends to invite them to a class and you'll be raking in the referral discounts!

Have a school or neighborhood organization in which you can advertise/promote LPM? Contact me- for each referral who registers, you get the credit.

Raise Your Voice: Chime in on why you love Let's Play Music and when your comment is published on the corporate Let's Play Music website, you receive $10 off this month's tuition! Hey, I can always use an extra 10 bucks, can you?  Raise YOUR Voice HERE!

Materials Buyback and Neighborly Scholarship:Bring in your tone bells and I'll buy them back for up to $10 (based on condition). New families can buy them from me at a discounted rate to save a few bucks.

Other materials (CDs, flashcards, t-shirts) can be donated to the neighborly scholarship - I will award them to a deserving family looking to save on material costs. 

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