Studio Policy

Sing Play Music Studio Policy
Robin Flores

Enrollment in the Let’s Play Music program purchases a spot for 3 years in class, which means you are responsible for the payment of the full year even if you miss lessons, take weeks off, or quit in the middle of the year.  If you drop out at any time during the year, you agree to pay the remaining tuition installments.  (Exceptions: loss of job, severe illness, moving, etc.)  Please communicate with teacher for any concerns.

I understand that I will not receive a tuition refund for missed classes or for discontinuing the program.  There are 15 lessons per semester. Tuition is due on Lesson 1 of the semester (please pay online at Make Tuition Payments here)  There is a late fee of $10 after Lesson One.  
I understand that if I decide not to participate, my registration fee and materials fee will not be reimbursed.  

I understand I will be charged a $150 drop fee if I choose to discontinue the program without communicating circumstances to the teacher.  This fee is at the discretion of the teacher. Class numbers are crucial to the success and design of the Let's Play Music program.  
Robin Flores-Sing Play Music studio will maintain a safe teaching environment, and have never had a problem with accidents.  However, the Let’s Play Music program does involve physical movement.  By registering in the program, you, the parent or legal guardian, accept full financial liability for any accident or injury that could possibly happen to your child, yourself, or any guest accompanying you, while in my home or yard and release Robin Flores and all heirs and connections from all liability. 

Sound Beginnings: Beginning ages 0-4 years.
(Classes meet once a week for 30 minutes, parents attend each week with child.)
1 student-$40/month or $160/semester. Family rate is $50/month for up to 3 siblings. 
Let's Play Music:  Beginning ages 4-6 years.
1st year $55/month or $220/semester (Parent attends every other week with child)
2nd year $60/month or $240/semester (Parent attends once a month with child)
3rd year $65/month or $260/semester (Parent attends once a month with child)
Registration/Recital Fees

Let's Play Music-$25 (per student) for 1st year, $15 for 2nd and 3rd year  
Sound Beginnings $5 per family

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