Monday, December 29, 2014

Classes start next week for the new semester!

A few reminders for next week!  Newsletter  
I opened a new Sound Beginnings class at 9:15am on Tuesday, if anyone is interested in that time slot, let me know!  
:) Ms. Robin

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sound Beginnings News

What a wonderful semester in White Horses we had!  Children ages 0-4 years were able to practice letters, numbers, colors, a major scale, solfege hand signs, instrument identification, rhythm, vocal training and so much more!
We learned 2 Smart Moves dances and had lots of fun while experiencing classical music, identifying composers, and using movement to be bullfighters and to jump with Tchaikovsky!
We used scarves, rhythm instruments, and a parachute to do some awesome movement activities to go along with our songs.
I can't wait to see all that we will do in Silver Buttons.  There is still room in a few of the classes that begin Jan. 6, 2015.  Don't delay, register today by clicking the tab above!
It is a joy to teach Sound Beginnings, thank you to all my White Horses, hope to see you in the New Year!  Merry Christmas, Ms. Robin

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Music and Education

It is about this time when we all need a little encouragement, a reminder of why we value music as part of our children's education. This article does a great job showcasing some of the research and statistics of how valuable music is as a part of your child's learning. The time you take out of each week listening to their music with them, practicing with them, bringing them to lessons and the financial investment is absolutely making your child smarter! Read on here A Musical Fix for American Schools, a great article from the Wall Street Journal and an interesting video clip is included as well: Grammy Award-winning composer and violinist Mark O'Connor discusses the importance of teaching classical music to children on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero.  

There is so much research supporting this idea, that learning to play a musical instrument, especially at a young age,  actually changes the brain and improves learning in so many areas across the board.
With the busy day to day activities/school/upcoming holidays this time of the year, it is good to remember each time you are running late for Let's Play Music class or fighting traffic on your way home, you are giving your child a precious gift by allowing them to have this experience at a young age!  Thanks for sharing music with your child, each Sound Beginnings class you take or Let's Play Music parent day you attend is such a wonderful time of bonding with your child, and the learning that takes place is priceless.
Have a great week!
:) Ms. Robin

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Parent Week this week!

I am so excited for Lesson 5 this week!

All the kids look forward to showing their parents what awesome music skills they are learning.

A few reminders, puppets can come to class this week, so if you haven't printed/cut/colored those, you have a day or 2 to complete this.

Also, I have updated the studio policy on the website. Please take the time to read this before class and be prepared to sign a copy for my file in class this week. Thanks!
 Looking forward to seeing all of you soon, keep practicing! Ms. Robin

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Parent Orientation

Let's Play Music Classes Monday Aug. 4th 5:30pm-1st year 6:30pm-2nd year 7:30pm-3rd year Please have 1 parent attend orientation for each class your child is enrolled in. This is a parent only night, we will be labeling/handing out materials and going over important info to help everyone have a GREAT year! Can't wait to see you Monday :) Sound Beginnings Classes Your orientation will be part of your first class the week of Aug. 18 So excited to see all of you then! :) Ms. Robin

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Calendar is updated, Parent Orientation next week, and LAST sample class

Hope your summer has been full of fun and sun and you are ready to jump into our new semester of Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings! A few quick reminders: 1. The calendar is updated for the year click on the calendar tab above to view. 2. Parent Orientation is next week, Monday 8-4-14 for all Let's Play Music students. 3. Sample Classes this week on Thursday at 10am and Friday 4pm for Sound Beginnings! Invite a friend :-)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings park playdate!

Tomorrow, July 10 from 11am-1pm is the Let's Play Music park playdate at Boardwalk Park in Windsor.  Put on your t shirt and pack a picnic and come catch up with all your Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings pals.  Ms. Kim and Ms. Robin will provide popsicles and hugs!  We hope to see you there all LPM students/grads/families/friends are welcome!  If you are new to music class this is a perfect time to see who is in your class for this year and meet a new friend.  

July 15-last day to register for fall/order materials without paying an extra shipping fee, don't delay, sign up today!  Click registration button above to sign up for your class before it is full. 
 Mandatory Parent Orientation 2014
Monday, August 4th
1st year-5:30pm
2nd year-6:30pm
3rd year-7:30pm
Please plan to attend this very important meeting.  Thanks!  Ms. Robin

Just for fun!
Summer challenge 3
1.  Listen to your favorite puppet show from last year, do you still remember all the characters?
2.  Make your own puppet show!  Find a piece of music you like, and decide what the story sounds like and use your imagination to create your own puppets!