Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Symposium 2017-Let's Play Music teacher convention

What a fun weekend I had in Salt Lake City at our annual Let's Play Music Teachers Convention!  I love Symposium because every year we get a chance to rub shoulders with some of the coolest and most creative teachers, trainers, and staff in our LPM community.  I was so honored to be selected as the recipient of this years Let's Play Music Vision Award.  Here I am with Shelle Soelberg the creator and founder of Let's Play Music and one of the most fun and dynamic people I know!

 I was also excited to present part of a workshop with 2 other awesome teachers on how to use social media and our website to help communicate info in an easy and fun way.

      The amazing and super fun Nicci Lovell and Becky Swain and I, clearly I am so excited I can hardly keep my eyes open! :) 

 Our Colorado team really represented this year, teachers from Steamboat Springs, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, and Montrose all came to Salt Lake City and we missed our teachers friends who couldn't make it!  Can't wait to share all we learned with you!

Do you know what these are?  I am so
excited to share these with my students!!!

Our amazing keynote speaker was Lauren Hodgson from the Dalcroze School of the Rockies.  It was so interesting to get to take a class from her and we gained a better understanding of the Dalcroze method, one of the foundational principals in the Let's Play Music method.  Also, seeing 170 teachers moving together to music was AMAZING!

 We heard lots of exciting news about what is coming out in 2018, Let's Play Music for the older beginner, PRESTO will be starting in my studio this year, contact me asap if you have an older child 8-12 years who wants to get in the program, just a few spots left and after my first looks at the curriculum I can honestly say it will be THE BEST music program for older beginners and kids who have had just a little piano.
Kim won the Let's Play Music Fitness challenge!
Make sure you give her a high 5 when you see her  :)

I won a new sign for my studio, woo hoo! 

Lindsey is a new teacher from Steamboat Springs,
She and I met last fall and I was so excited to
get to sit by her and catch up!  Her cute nephews are my
students, what fun! 
Ms. Kim (Windsor) Ms. Robin (Loveland/Windsor) and Ms. Heidi
Steamboat Springs sure had fun learning together. 

What an amazing weekend full of learning and laughs.  So thankful I am part of such a great community of teachers and so excited to share new ideas with my studio this year!  

Sunday, June 4, 2017

When to begin piano and music lessons?

Should I start music lessons now... or later?

There is significant research indicating that there is a “window of opportunity” (birth to age nine) where children can develop a high musical aptitude. During this time, the brain and mechanisms associated with processing and understanding music are in the prime stages of development, making it of utmost importance to expose children in this age range to music lessons. 
Dont miss out on the learning window
I've talked to many parents who are super excited to get their kiddo started in music-learning, but just as many who say, "Yeah, I hope he learns to play saxophone someday, but why should I be thinking about that NOW? He's too young to be worrying about that."
You definitely benefit from music learning RIGHT NOW and here is the reason why...


Encourage your children to love music
Want to encourage your children to love and appreciate music? Well, worry no more! We've got you covered. These tips will help you explore and encourage a love for music with your kids, starting right from infancy. 
Instrument lessons are not the same as musicianship classes 
One word of caution: Now that you've read about the importance of starting music lessons, you may be excited to get into instrument lessons right away, but Instrument lessons are not the same as musicianship classes
Sitting on a piano bench for 30 minutes is torture for many 4-year-olds. Instead, find a program like Sound Beginnings or Let's Play Music that is play-based, with lots of movement and fun. Nothing is more powerful than a first music experience that results in happy, uplifting memories couched in success! 
It's a win-win... why not check it out!
Attending a "Sample Class" is the surest ways to tell if this curriculum clicks with your child's personality. We understand each child has their individual needs and each family has unique musical goals. If after attending a class together it's something you'd like your child to participate in you will have the opportunity to register and secure a spot in class. However, if it isn't a good fit there will be no pressure just music, fun, and play. So, why not look into your options? Either way it's a win-win!
Comment Below and I'll send you all of the details for my next sample class! :) Ms. Robin

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Recital JOY!

What an amazing Recital we had last month!  Ms. Kim and I were SO proud of each and every one of our Sound Beginnings, Let's Play Music, and Piano Students.  We hardly take any photos ourselves so we would love to see yours!  Please share a copy of any great shots you have with us or tag us on your Facebook or Instagram posts.  
Our 3rd years played their own compositions! 

What fun to celebrate!  Each parent of a 3rd year students received a flower from their child with a tag thanking them for giving their child the gift of music, we couldn't do it without you parents!

 It was so special to get to see a few Let's Play Music graduates play a piece of their own choosing on the piano.  What a treat to see those piano skills start to develop.

 We were blessed to use Foundations Church in Loveland as our recital venue and what an amazing night!  Thank you to Foundations for hosting us again this year!

So thankful to have a recital buddy!  Kim and I have been doing recitals together for the past 5 years and I appreciate her so much.  Some of our students have had both of us for a teacher because of class time swaps or different classes we offer each year and so it is like one big reunion!  So fun!

That's a wrap!  Thanks to Richard Flores and H-11 Productions for filming, offering live streaming and video recording www.h11pro.com

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Recital Time

It is nearly recital time again!  
We are so excited to share what we have learned this year in Sound Beginnings, Let's Play Music, and Master Musicians.  Hope you can join us for our exciting celebration and performance.  
We have been working for weeks on compositions, this is the big moment where all those hours of ideas, revising, and practice get to be shared with all our friends and families.  
 We have learned about the lines and spaces on the staff, we are excited to use them to play tone bells and piano to accompany ourselves singing.
We are ready to sing on the big stage and play with our whole hearts.  Please come and watch and encourage us to be brave and shine!  

 Please take photos to help us remember what we have learned and the fun we have had.

Please celebrate our accomplishments and dedication to finishing strong!  

Most of all remember to have fun!  Enjoy the photo booth, station day, instrument party and remember music is a gift, that does not end today.  We are thankful you made us come when we didn't want to, encouraged us to practice when we didn't feel like us, attended class with us, paid for our lessons and books and gave us the opportunity to find a LOVE for music and the knowledge of a language that will stay with us throughout our lives.  Thank you to all the parents and grandparents in SingPlayMusic studio for sharing your kiddos with me this year!  

Recital Etiquette
1. Please clap loudly when the song is done!
2. Please designate 1 adult to use their phone to record so the rest can applaud (see number 1)
3. Consider purchasing the video recording so you can just enjoy and relax
4. Take all the photos your like, but please remember to set down your phone so you can applaud (see number 2)
5.  Please arrive early so your child will be ready to perform when it is their turn
6.  Please turn off your cell phone ringer, thank you!
7.  Please do not eat or drink in the church.
8.  Please step out with little ones if they need a quiet break during piano solos.
9.  Please enjoy yourself and feel free to join in and sing along :)
10.  Have FUN! It is going to be a great night!  

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Why you should play the Timpani (or any instrument)

Do you know what these drums are called?  If you have a 2-4 year old in Sound Beginnings class this semester, they could tell you, "A Timpani!"  We learn the names and sounds of 5 or more instruments each semester of Sound Beginnings.  I was so excited to see 2 Timpani at an event I attended last Friday evening.
There are so many benefits to exposure to instruments at any age.  I thought this video was simply fascinating!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fun with Music and Literature

What an exciting fall! Classes have begun and the studio is full of fun and songs each Tuesday and Wednesday.  I love seeing all my Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings families and getting to know the new students each year.  
We are off to a great start with most classes full or almost full, there are just a few spots left for Red Balloons (4-6 years) and a new Sound Beginnings class began this month in Loveland meeting Friday mornings at 10am!  If you or anyone you know would like more information about these openings, contact me asap!
I have loved singing with our friends at the Loveland Public Library again this fall and did 2 free classes in September for the playgroup.  
If you have had fun with the color song in Sound Beginnings, or just want to read some great books while you sing about your favorite colors, check out these suggestions!  
Image result for children's books about colors
Image result for children's books about colors
Image result for children's books about colors
Image result for children's books about colors
Image result for children's books about colors
Image result for children's books about colors
Image result for children's books about colors