Sunday, June 4, 2017

When to begin piano and music lessons?

Should I start music lessons now... or later?

There is significant research indicating that there is a “window of opportunity” (birth to age nine) where children can develop a high musical aptitude. During this time, the brain and mechanisms associated with processing and understanding music are in the prime stages of development, making it of utmost importance to expose children in this age range to music lessons. 
Dont miss out on the learning window
I've talked to many parents who are super excited to get their kiddo started in music-learning, but just as many who say, "Yeah, I hope he learns to play saxophone someday, but why should I be thinking about that NOW? He's too young to be worrying about that."
You definitely benefit from music learning RIGHT NOW and here is the reason why...


Encourage your children to love music
Want to encourage your children to love and appreciate music? Well, worry no more! We've got you covered. These tips will help you explore and encourage a love for music with your kids, starting right from infancy. 
Instrument lessons are not the same as musicianship classes 
One word of caution: Now that you've read about the importance of starting music lessons, you may be excited to get into instrument lessons right away, but Instrument lessons are not the same as musicianship classes
Sitting on a piano bench for 30 minutes is torture for many 4-year-olds. Instead, find a program like Sound Beginnings or Let's Play Music that is play-based, with lots of movement and fun. Nothing is more powerful than a first music experience that results in happy, uplifting memories couched in success! 
It's a win-win... why not check it out!
Attending a "Sample Class" is the surest ways to tell if this curriculum clicks with your child's personality. We understand each child has their individual needs and each family has unique musical goals. If after attending a class together it's something you'd like your child to participate in you will have the opportunity to register and secure a spot in class. However, if it isn't a good fit there will be no pressure just music, fun, and play. So, why not look into your options? Either way it's a win-win!
Comment Below and I'll send you all of the details for my next sample class! :) Ms. Robin

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